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You can have a strong marriage,
even if spouse has a
mental illness.

I help can help you create 

peace and stability 

in your world while navigating the unique challenges you are facing as

You can have a strong marriage,
even if your spouse has a
mental illness

We can create peace and stability in your world while navigating the unique challenges you are facing

If there are improvements and changes you want to make in your relationship this class is a perfect place to start. Jessica helped me figure out what the root problems were and ideas to try and work through it. She makes me feel comfortable even when talking about the hard stuff and makes me feel confident that I can make the hard changes I need to. She is a great support and guide. I love that she doesn’t tell me what to do, instead she helps me figure out what is best for me.

Britteny G.

For the first time in a long time, I actually felt like my husband and I were a team, trying to get what each of us needed to get done and spend time together as a family...I'm finding I am less frustrated with expecting him to meet my needs. This is huge for me!

Melissa C.

Diving into personal problems can be tricky but with Jessica, I felt like I was talking to a wise old friend. She was a fantastic listener but didn't let me dodge the tough questions. I was an hones, frank and compassionate discussion and I felt truly comfortable with her the entire time. Highly recommended!

Kelli G.

Hey there, I'm Jess

I know what it’s like to wonder if your marriage can make it. 

You don’t want a divorce, but you also know that you can’t keep going on like this. 

The pain, fear, discouragement, and shame that comes when you are struggling in your marriage can feel impossible to overcome. 

I can help. I’ve been there and have found my way to a marriage that is better than I ever thought possible. I learned to choose strength, connection and love, even when my husband wasn’t ready to change. 

It is possible. You can do it. I can show you how. 

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