Are You Ready?

Finally, you are going to

 feel like you can handle anything 

your spouse’s mental illness brings into your life.

Your life doesn’t have to revolve around your spouse or their mental health diagnosis. You can learn how to have a strong and deeply fulfilling relationship without sacrificing who you are or what is important to you. 

With One on One Coaching, you will get the space to finally understand what is getting in your way and how to overcome all of it. 

In 6 months, you will learn how to  

  • Weather every storm that comes your way
  • Feel strong, supportive, fun and loving
  • Communicate with clarity and compassion
  • Create safety in your life through setting boundaries with love rather than as punishment
  • Know how to create connection and emotional intimacy for the rest of your life
  • Have confidence that allows you to thrive in all your family relationships with your kids, parents, in-laws and friends
  • Love yourself on the deepest level
  • Work through the past hurts and finally feel forgiveness
  • Know what your needs are and how to find solutions to get them met
  • Allow for the dynamic differences that exist between you and your spouse without becoming defensive, controlling, or fighting endlessly

Why do I need coaching when my spouse is the one who is sick?

With One on One Coaching, we can capitalize on the tremendous power you have to change the dynamic in your relationship. Grounded in Family Systems Theory, you will discover new ways of thinking and approaching your life, become more confident in what your needs and expectations are, and how to express them in healthy and helpful ways. 


When you start showing up differently in your marriage, 

your spouse will respond differently too.


It’s like you and your spouse have been doing the same dance together for years. You have gotten really good at doing the same dance steps over and over. You know the moves without even thinking about it. Then one day, you learn how to do a new dance. You decide you don’t want to do the same old dance anymore and you start doing the steps to the new dance instead.

Meanwhile, your spouse can’t keep doing the same old dance anymore, because you are doing a completely different dance. So they get to decide how they will respond. 

And the great news, is that no matter how they choose to respond, you are dancing in a way that feels more authentic, healthy, and aligned with the kind of person and spouse that you want to be. 

You get to experience the dance with more love for you, your spouse and all the unique beauty that you create together. 

What You Get in One on One Coaching

  • 6 months of weekly, one on one, 50 minute coaching sessions
  • Complete support between calls through text, email, additional calls and sessions if needed, Voxer messaging
  • Training in
    • Having difficult conversations that produce results
    • Understanding Trauma and how it is affecting your experience with your spouse’s mental illness
    • Your brain and how it is responding to the stress in your life (and how to hack it to benefit you the most)
    • What to do when the symptoms of their mental illness become severe
    • How to stop obsessing about their triggers
    • Letting go of the parent/child dynamic when you are caring for your spouse
In 6 months, you will feel more connected to yourself, your spouse and feel a confidence that you have never felt before. 
If staying in the same old dance isn’t working anymore, you are in the perfect position to take this work and let it transform you. 


When you are ready to start making all of this happen for you, I’d be honored to help you and give you all my years of expertise in helping my clients, my years of education in marriage and family dynamics and everything I’ve learned as I’ve created these results in my own life. 

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