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Hello, I'm Jess

I’m a Certified Life and Marriage Coach

After about 10 years of marriage, I thought we were stuck. Things weren’t bad, but they definitely weren’t great.

I thought that in order to create the connected and fulfilling relationship that I wanted, we would need to go to couples counseling, read all the relationship books, and go to workshops. 

The problem was, my husband had no desire to do those things. He was pretty content with things the way they were. 

I felt stuck. 

I wanted to change and I wanted him to change. 

But real change seemed too hard. 

Then, I made a choice that changed everything. 

I decided that even if my husband was content, I wasn’t. I wanted our marriage to be better. I didn’t want it to just be OK. I wanted it to be amazing.

As a Certified Life and Marriage Coach, I learned that it wasn’t about him needing to change.

I needed to change.

It wasn’t about working harder at our marriage, but working smarter.

Instead of fighting, we learned how to talk about our differences in a way that creates emotional intimacy and connection. 

I learned to approach all areas of my life with more confidence and joy. And that has changed everything.

I can show you how to do the same thing.

It isn’t hard. 

It starts with a choice that can change everything. 

The 3 Skills You Need to Stop Fighting and Start Connecting

We all have those issues that we fight about over and over…without getting anywhere.

Maybe you fight about money.

Maybe you fight about sex.

Maybe you fight about parenting.

Click below to learn the 3 skills to stop fighting about it and start using it as a way to strengthen your marriage.