You Are Worth More Than Mediocre Results

I get it. Sometimes it just seems like too much work. Living intentionally takes a lot of effort. And introspection can be really uncomfortable sometimes. Being intentional in your marriage, parenting and every other area of your life requires you to look in the corners of your mind and clean those messy closets out. 

You might be telling yourself that you are happy living the way you always have been. And you may be right. 

But here’s the thing.

You are divine.

That isn’t just lip service. There is actual divinity in your soul. Right now. No matter what you have done, what has happened to you, or what situation you currently find yourself in. It doesn’t even matter if you believe it or not—it’s there. It’s always been there.

And divinity is never mediocre.

That divine spark requires pushing and growing and changing and working. It requires a little discomfort. It forces you to see yourself exactly as you are, resist the urge to judge and beat yourself up, and believe that you can become something amazing.

Because divinity is worth excellence.

You are worthy of excellence.

And as soon as you start believing it, the results you create in your life begin to explode with possibility. You begin to not be content with what has been. You begin to dream of brighter things. 

That divinity shines brighter and brighter.

It’s the best kind of beautiful and you are worth all the effort, growing and changing.

It all starts with seeing that you are worth more than mediocre results.

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