A Rainbow of Solutions

Hello my dear friends. As I sit writing this post, I am looking out my window into my cold, grey and foggy neighborhood. Good day to you too, winter in the PNW. This kind of weather, I have learned is fairly typical for the area that I live in. Overcast, cold and grey.

As a born and bred Arizona girl, these grey winter days were the #1 hardest thing for me to get used to when we moved here. I literally felt suffocated by it. I became desperate for the sun. Still, after living here for almost 14 years, I get the urge to just drive as long and as far as I need to until I can see the sun on some days. Usually I just make do with some orange juice and the picture from Hawaii on my desktop. It’s not a perfect solution, I know, but it brings a little color back into my world until the sun decides to come back. 

I’ve been working with some ladies in my Joyfully Married program. We are just about to wrap up our 6-week session. Man, it goes by so fast. I love those ladies like sisters. They are amazing and I feel honored to work with them. 

I’m amazed at the transformation that they go through. When we start in week 1, they are usually pretty discouraged. They love their husbands, but they just feel like something is off and it is driving them crazy. 

For one woman, it was her husband’s spending habits. She worried constantly about the way he spends money and how it will likely lead them into greater debt which caused her a lot of anxiety. 

This anxiety was like a thick grey fog, keeping her from seeing the joyful light of her marriage. She blamed the issue in front of her for all her anxiety and she was starting to give up hope that the sun would ever shine through again. 

Over the 6 weeks we had together, I saw her transform. We worked on her beliefs about who her husband is, her expectations for him and who she is. She came to see the immense power she has in the situation.

And as soon as she let go of the idea that her husband needed to change, it was like the clouds breaking. She could see the sun again. She suddenly saw evidence of her husband loving her and cherishing her in ways that she couldn’t see before. 

I love watching this change in my clients. 

When we are so focused on the need for our husbands to change, it clouds out all other solutions. We can’t get creative or work together toward a compromise.

But as soon as we let it go, a rainbow of solutions appears and we can move forward into the marriage that we want. It’s like being stuck in the fog, but acting on the belief that the sun is still there, even if you can’t see it. Knowing that eventually, you will find a solution and that you don’t have to cling to the one solution that is keeping you in the fog. 

If you feel like you are stuck in the fog, I’d love to help you see the rainbow in your own situation. Click below to schedule a free session with me and we will get you started in your own transformation.