How Do I Decide What is Most Important?

I’ve been thinking about busyness lately. 

I’ve spent the last 5 years of my life being very busy. Kids, my church assignments, my marriage, going back to school, becoming certified as a life coach, starting a business. There has been lots of busy. And honestly, I have loved it. I like having lots of things to do. 

But I’m heading into a new phase of my life. I feel like in this new phase, I truly get to choose my level of busyness, which has led to some reflection. 

How busy do I really want to be?

Why do I like being busy?

Is this level of busyness serving me where I am at in my life now?

What things am I saying no to every time I say yes?

I had a client who realized that when she filled her life so full of tasks, like cleaning the house, taking kids to sports practices and piano lessons, make homemade from scratch dinners every night all while working part time and spending a lot of time volunteering in her church, when she says yes to all of those good things, she is saying no to spending time with her husband. 

“I’m not putting him on the schedule.”

I am finding this to be true for me too. It’s like the old object lesson about time management. If you fill the jar with sand first, there will never be room for the golfball sized objects. But if you put the bigger items in first and then let the sand fill into the gaps, there is room for everything. The lesson being, plan the most important things first, and then let the less important things fill in the time around them. 

So where does your marriage, the most important relationship you have with another person, fall in your priorities? Do you feel like you are too busy to spend time with your spouse?

In my Facebook group, we celebrate Connection Friday. I ask those in the group to post small ways that they have connected with their spouse during the week. 

I ask for small ways for a reason. I’m not really concerned about the big vacations or elaborate romantic date nights. Those things are great, but the small things done everyday are far more impactful to the health of your marriage. 

The small everyday connections are really where the strength of a marriage lies. 

When I ask if you are prioritizing your marriage, what I am really asking is this: 

Are you taking time to have a real conversation with your sweetheart every day, even if it’s over text?

Are you catching his eye when your kids say something funny?

Are you loading the dishwasher together?

Are you laughing together as you fold the laundry?

Are you giving him a kiss when you see each other at the end of the day?

These are the small things that are literally everything, and that are so easy to overlook because we are too busy with other things. 

It is very simple, but not always easy to do. I get it. It is hard to choose between all the good things that we can spend our time doing. This is the work that I help women with as a coach. I help them see where their priorities really are. I help them see their thoughts and beliefs clearly so they can align their choices with their values, instead of letting what they think they should be doing dictate how they spend their time.

I help them make priorities intentionally. 

I can help you too. I offer 3 FREE, no obligation coaching sessions each week. One of them could be yours. We can help you figure out what you need to spend your time on. And when you do, when your actions are aligned with your values, it makes all the difference in the world. 

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