This Is Going To Be Fun

What do you like to do for fun?

I’ve been thinking about this lately because my husband and I are trying to plan out our year and where we want to go on vacation. We want to do fun things as a family. It is one of our family values and we make time and spend money on having fun. 

As a family, we love skiing together, going to the beach, going on road trips, playing board games, and going to see movies together. We are planning now to make sure that all of those things happen this year. We make fun a priority.

The funny thing is, we are really intentional about this with our family, but it has only just occurred to me that we have not been really intentional about having fun together in our marriage. 

Do you prioritize fun in your marriage?

Here is what I know. Having fun is way more about your thinking than it is about the activity. Our thoughts are extremely powerful and create all the results we are having. So if I believe that something is fun, it is going to be fun. 

I learned this with mountain biking.

My husband loves to mountain bike, and he likes to invite me to come with him sometimes. I am a mountain biking novice, but he is patient with me and is a good teacher. So I go with him. 

I learned really quick that if I go into these rides with my husband thinking that this is going to be scary and uncomfortable and I really wish that I was back at home watching something on Netflix, then the whole experience becomes annoying, for me and my husband. 

So I changed my thinking. I started focusing on things that I really believe. 

I love the fact that my husband want’s me to go mountain biking with him, even though I am much slower than him. I think it is one of the most loving things that he does. He wants to share this with me, and that feels so good to me. I love seeing him get excited when I try something new.

I love being outside, whatever the circumstances. Outside will always trump sitting watching Netflix for me. 

I love spending alone time with Eric. I love creating those memories with him. Like the time I accidentally dropped the handlebar of my bike into a really cow pie when we were biking in the middle of nowhere and we had nothing to wipe it off with except the local flora. Don’t worry, we figured it out and then promptly washed everything in sanitizer when we got home. 

That is a great memory. 

When I focus on all of those things, I really love mountain biking with my husband. 

So when you are deciding how to prioritize having fun in your marriage, start with your brain.

Our brains are actually really good at finding solutions for problems. If you start working on how to make something fun, your brain will come up with the most amazing ideas. 

Like maybe you go grocery shopping together and decide to turn it into a scavenger hunt. Or maybe you fold laundry together and have to kiss every time one of you finds matching socks. 

It is these little everyday ways of finding fun that matter the most in your marriage. It doesn’t have to be big, expensive or extravagant. You change your mindset around the mundane to make it fun. Finding solutions to these kinds of problems is actually what your brain is amazing at. 

So get it to work for you and your marriage. If you need help getting those creative juices flowing, click the link below and you and I can have a  free one on one coaching session to get you started.