This episode is a continutation of my conversation with Lindsay Poelman about

– How to foster intimate connection in your relationships

-What self care actually looks like as the spouse of someone with a mental illness

-How to support you with your spouse is working through trauma

Lindsay Poelman is a certified coach that specializes in Relationship Trauma. She went through her own Betrayal Trauma 5 years ago and became so passionate about the resources available to her that she left her career in public and derivative accounting to create programs that blend the best parts of what helped her to use with clients.

After seeking additional training and working with women in trauma for over 4 years, she now trains coaches to do the same—so that they too can provide the deep and safe healing possible for clients across the board who have experienced trauma.

She now runs a Relationship Trauma Certification program for coaches. She also has an online group program for women whose husbands look at pornography and want to find peace and safety whether he has stopped, is stopping, or not stopping looking.