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Dealing With The Unfairness of Mental Illness

My clients often talk about how unfair it is for them and their spouse that they are struggling with their mental health. In the podcast today we are talking about
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Loving You Deeply

In this episode we are bringing clarity to the sometimes nebulous topic of loving yourself more deeply.  I’m giving you: – The 3 steps to truly loving yourself – Practical
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The Marriage Challenge

Link to apply for 1:1 Coaching In this episode, we are shifting our goal in marriage! We are finally letting go of the old belief that marriage is THE thing
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Owning Your Own Stuff

Link to apply for 1:1 coaching In this episode we are talking about how we all get tangled up in our spouses emotions. This can look different for everyone, like
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Why You React When Your Spouse Has a Bad Day

When your Spouse has a mental illness, bad days become a regular part of life. They can derail the best laid plans, which can leave you feeling angry, frustrated and
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Strengthen Your Relationship

“The more emotionally intelligent a couple- the better able they are to understand, honor, and respect each other and their marriage – the more likely they will indeed live happily
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